Tucson Monsoon Candle

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Summer is a magical time in the Sonoran desert. Thunder shakes the mountains as rain pours and lightning lights up the sky. With the downpour comes the scent of mesquite, cactus flowers, and that earthy mystical rain smell. 

  • Scent: mesquite musk and rain
  • Size: 8 oz
  • Burn Time: 40-60 hours
  • Fragrance Notes: 
    • top - ozone, fresh air, jasmine
    • middle - ylang ylang, tuberose, mesquite
    • base - patchouli, musk

Handpoured in Tucson, Arizona. Cruelty-free and ethically sourced. 100% natural soy.

Candle Tips 

  • Trim your wick – Your wick should be only 1/4" long every time you light your candle. Too long and you will create excess soot around the candle rim.
  • Create a large melt pool for an even and complete melt – Please consider burning your candle for 30 minutes initially, or until the wax has a complete melted top layer. This is important to ensure an even burn throughout the lifetime of the candle.
  • Do NOT leave your candle unattended. – Please exercise standard fire safety with your candle. Do not burn your candle unattended. Do not leave a lit candle around children. Keep away from items that can catch fire. Jar is hot while lit and immediately after extinguishing the flame.

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