Welcome to The Cozie Shop, where we believe in the power of cozy living to bring warmth and comfort to every moment. Established in 2019 by Sofia Foret, a passionate advocate for quality and craftsmanship, our mission is simple: to help people embrace a cozier life through meticulously crafted candles and hand-knit heirloom baby items.

At The Cozie Shop, we noticed a gap in the market for candles that truly deliver on scent, burn time, and sustainability. That's why we set out to create candles that not only fill your space with lush, classic scents but also burn cleanly and completely, leaving no wax wasted. Our candles are hand-poured with care, using primarily soy wax, cotton and hemp wicks, and recyclable containers, ensuring that every aspect of your candle experience is eco-conscious and luxurious.

In 2024, we expanded our offerings with the opening of Rory's Cozie Baby Studio, inspired by Sofia's own journey of love and loss. Named in honor of Sofia's daughter, Rory, who left this world too soon, this special extension of The Cozie Shop is dedicated to providing families with beautifully crafted, hand-knit heirloom baby clothes and toys. In memory of Rory, 10% of every purchase from Rory's Cozie Baby Studio is donated to UNICEF, supporting children and families in need around the world.

When you shop with us, you're not just purchasing high-quality products — you're joining a community that values craftsmanship, sustainability, and compassion. Let's Get Cozie together, and make every moment a little warmer, one candle and baby knit at a time.

Mission Statement

At The Cozie Shop, our mission is to help people live a cozier life through thoughtfully crafted candles and hand-knit heirloom baby items. We believe in quality, sustainability, and compassion, and strive to create products that bring warmth and comfort to every home. With each purchase, you're not only investing in superior craftsmanship but also supporting a small, woman-owned business and making a difference in the lives of children worldwide. Let's Get Cozie, and spread comfort and kindness one candle and baby knit at a time.